Sunday, 24 April 2011

Christ is Risen!

We've had an excellent Holy Week and Easter Day at St. Cuthbert's. Thanks to so many people who made it all possible, not least the folk who put in much hard work behind the scenes - and there's a lot of scene-shifting as the church itself changes its appearance and character in our journey through Holy Week.

Recently I've been finding problems with the website which hosts our Parish Magazine and Sermons. So - thanks to my older son, Adam, who  knows about these things - I'm trying a different hosting solution. I'll place links to various items on a new page of this blog which you can access further up this page. Click and you should reach the document you want. For a start here are some direct links just uploaded:

The April 2011 issue of our Parish Magazine

The May 2011 issue of our Parish Magazine (this hasn't actually reached the printer yet, but will hopefully be appearing this week; meanwhile you can view it here first)

My Homily for today - Easter Day 24 April

And may we all know the joy and peace of Easter-tide!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Front Page News

St. Cuthbert's Church made it onto the front page of the Newcastle Journal this morning - as the newspaper carried the news of Lew Parker's retirement from winding our church clock. Inside Lew got most of page 9, and his picture both on that page and on the front. He's also in the Journal's North-East  news rival, the Northern Echo. I can't tell you on which page because all the copies had been bought up in our local newsagent.

But you can read the stories on-line. The Journal story is here - and the Northern Echo's story is here. The Echo web page even carries a video of Lew winding the clock and adjusting the mechanism.

They're both genuinely good news stories. And we're very glad to have had Lew carrying out this job for so long - and his father before him! A Happy Retirement to Lew - with thanks to him and to those carrying on the good work.