Friday, 26 September 2008

An easier way of doing things?

This blog is prompted by the desire to save time - though I'm conscious that starting and maintaining a blog is possibly one of the easiest ways to waste it.

For some years we've had - and continue to maintain - a parish website. I still don't know how to up-load material for a site of our own, and don't really want to learn. So I'm glad that "Communigate" has offered the facilities for hosting ours. But I realise that all the formatting that it requires takes just too many hours which could be better employed. And the whole thing was beginning to look like a disorganised archive.

So the site has been pruned. And my hope is that this parish blog will offer something more immediate, reasonably good-looking and easy to keep. That way I hope to make time for all those things which do really matter: pastoral care; the sacraments; proper preparation for liturgy and preaching. We'll see...

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