Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter 2009

Actually I'm posting this on Easter Eve - a beautiful day with spring warmth as well as sunshine. Daffodils are bearing up well, and all around there's the pale green of new leaves opening on the trees.

Hopefully much the same for everyone! And Easter should be much the same for everyone in terms of its reality... Huh - is that all? What I mean is that it's the reality which needs to be affirmed. But how do people perceive that reality? Or experience it in the midst of whatever is going on in their lives?

That's what I'm trying to explore in my homily for our Easter Eucharist.

Incidentally parish material such as the homilies gets stored off-site with a host whose advertising is sometimes bizarre. Apologies for anyone who gets troubled by this, but it's a useful means of up-loading our stuff. An odd thing about the site is the counter which tells you how much each item has been viewed - it's not entirely consistent... so in the space of a few minutes recently it was telling me that one of my homilies had not been viewed at all, and then that it had been viewed seven times. The one before had been looked at 41 times. But the "wonder" homily appears to have been read 449 times! And I think this figure is probably right... Why? - it seems to attract viewers you need to choose the right "tags" - and in this instance I'd added the labels, "prayer" and "miracle." So now I know what people are looking for!

But for Easter it's "Resurrection," "Faith," "Experience."

Christ is risen! Happy Easter!

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