Monday, 13 July 2009

Saints and Prophets

After attending a Conference where a theme was the Northern Saints, I was back in my own parish - to hear a sermon from Rosie Junemann, our Reader, which took as its starting point a Pyrenean saint. Not that this saint was ever formally canonised... and there wouldn't be much hope for most of us if the formal process John Henry Newman is now having to undergo was required of us all.

So, a reminder that we are called to be a "sacred people." And Rosie pointed to the need for a prophetic stance in our own day, no less than in the time of Amos and John the Baptist.

Meanwhile, the Sunday School's project is coming along well - next week they'll be making their own presentation of the life of St. Cuthbert, and the course he plotted throughout our region after his death. It's to be acted out complete with body, two heads and coffin. Just don't get a shock if you venture into church and see what they've left on the pews at the back of the north aisle.

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