Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Winter Thoughts & Images

"In the dead of winter, you might sometimes wonder whether spring will ever come again."

These are Rosie Junemann's words when she preached at the year's end for the Feast of St. John, Apostle & Evangelist. Find her sermon here. We were already in the grip of ice and snow at St. Cuthbert's, but her words seem now prophetic - and she enlarged on them with a poem by Laurie Lee:

O never again, it seems, can green things run,
or sky birds fly,
or the grass exhale its humming breath
powdered with pimpernels,
from this dark lung of winter.

Actually it's been quite bright today. By now we've accumulated over a foot of snow. Tomorrow we have the funeral of Donald Love, member of St. Cuthbert's and well-loved throughout our community for his participation in so many aspects of its life. With our steep hill in mind, we're doing all we can to clear the way to the church - and this morning a JCB descended the hill, plough on its front, digger behind. It's a valiant effort. Now we desperately need some salt on the icy surface left behind - a councillor is working on it, even as I write.

Meanewhile there's a great beauty in the snow. You can find more pictures here.

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