Monday, 28 January 2013

Thaw out for February

... the fate of those who park their cars in Consett (this is the main car park last week).

Meanwhile I've been able to bring my own car home for the first time in nearly two weeks - Church Bank is still not ideal for driving on, but stick to the tracks and you should get down safely. The pavements are not brilliant and in some places impassable - we had to put the snow from the road somewhere.

There's been much frustration as so much has had to be cancelled or postponed - but we're looking forward to entering February with renewed vigour. Follow the link to find details of what we're planning in our February Parish Magazine.

And thanks to those who have kept us open through the thick of winter with som much energy expended on digging paths and clearing the way to church and hall (and up and down the Bank).

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