Sunday, 1 March 2015

Now that Lent is underway...

Sorry there haven't been any recent updates to this site - until today! Go to the Calendar and Homily / Magazine tabs at the top of this page to see what we are and have been up to. You can read the March issue of the Parish Magazine here.

Fortuitously Shrove Tuesday and Messy Church coincided in February. This got us off to a good start in thinking about Lent.

Inevitably there was an engagement with pancakes - and how many times you could flip one in a minute:


The Vicar was pretty speedy:

though then things came apart...

Remembering Jesus' time in the wilderness, we created a desert scene:

The Gospels tell us Jesus was with the wild beasts - an excuse for edible snakes!

But we didn't forget that the purpose of Jesus' Forty Days in the Wilderness was to come close to God - before making our way to church we created a Prayer Tree:

Tin Can Pancakes fit on the tongue - you have to look carefully to see how this one is cooking:

Happily we finished off by sharing the full-sized version - and more!

The next meeting of Messy Church looks forward to Holy Week and Easter - Tuesday 17th March at 3.30p.m. in St. Cuthbert's Church Hall. All children welcome - please bring a parent or carer!

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