Wednesday, 5 October 2016

“This will take a while”…

That was the signal I got on my computer as I started to put together the October issue of the Parish Magazine. It was already delayed because I didn’t get back from holiday until the final hours of September. Then as I sat down to work out what we needed to include here the laptop decided to update - a major update, as it indicated when it told me, “This will take a while.” And there was nothing I could do about it, except wait until it had finished.

I got off quite lightly.  A friend tells me it held him up for three hours. Our Area Dean found her laptop updating in the midst of her Harvest Service where she needed to use it to project the words of the service and hymns. I just had to wait 90 minutes.

These days we so often expect to be able to do things straight away. We expect immediate responses by phone, text or email. We complain when people don’t get back to us. But here’s a reminder of the virtue of patience, so easily forgotten. Be patient with each other. Be ready to spend time in prayer and take time with God. Remember how patient he needs to be with us…    

Martin Jackson

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