Monday, 31 October 2016

What on earth is the Church for?

That is the question we found ourselves asking at a meeting to prepare for the Mission to our Diocese by bishops from all over the North. It’s called “Talking Jesus.” Read a bit about it on page 14 - and we hope you’ll hear much more about it before it takes place at the beginning of next March.

What could we do to get ready? we asked ourselves. One conclusion we came to is that we tend to be reluctant to talk about our faith because we’re not always very confident as to what we believe. So we’ve decided to try to tackle that - in a very basic way without any great planning. In November and early December we’ll have three meetings open to anyone to look at the basics of what the Church is for: how it’s about our relationship with God and with the wider world; his relationship with us and with this world we call his Creation.

We’ll be meeting on Tuesday evenings in the Ian Severs Room (the lower level of the Hall - approach from the Car Park entrance). All are welcome. You don’t need to be a regular church-goer. All questions are welcome. If you’re worried they might be too basic - don’t! That’s just what we need. So, come & join us.

The first two meetings are this month: 7.30p.m. start…  

Tuesday 8 November and Tuesday 22 November   

Martin Jackson

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